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Australia provides the ultimate testing ground for TJM ProductsGet Treated Special with good ol' fashioned service!

Thanks to Australia’s diverse landscape, wildlife and sheer size, TJM is able to test their vehicle protection equipment to the extreme. TJM Products has a large range of vehicle protection that’ll allow you to fully explore the outdoors no matter where you are in the world.

Get Treated Special with good ol' fashioned service!Manufacturing Technology

The use of laser scanning equipment and 3D design software keeps TJM at the forefront of prototype development. It also ensures that every component and accessory is consistently manufactured to a high standard. Component scanning technology generates accurate images of both our accessories and the vehicle for which they are designed, allowing us to build a detailed virtual model.

Airbag CompatibilityGet Treated Special with good ol' fashioned service!

The mounting systems of TJM frontal protection systems and some side steps are specifically engineered to allow the airbag sensors to operate normally and trigger the airbag function on collision. TJM employs independent testing authorities to conduct extensive virtual software based, static pendulum and dynamic on-car impact tests on airbag compatible products. This ensures that the frontal and side protection systems are safe, effective and airbag compatible.


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Did you know that we now have a window tinting service? Get your windows tinted while we’re fitting your Get Treated Special with good ol' fashioned service!new TJM Bullbar, or your TJM Towbar, or your Rhino roof rack or ……

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