Which bullbar should I choose?

Which bullbar should I choose?

We often get asked here at Midland Towbars, which bullbar should I choose? Personally speaking, it’s not up to us or what we sell, it’s dependant on what you actually like; after all, it is your vehicle!

So, here at Midland Towbars, we have a huge range of bullbars and brands that we can offer you. We have aluminium bullbars, steel bullbars, winch compatible bullbars, air bag compatible bullbars, bullbars compatible with your front parking sensors and other frontal mitigation sensors.

While we are fitting the bullbar of your choice, we can also fit spotlights and light bars. We have a huge range of brands for you to choose from, or you can bring your own and we will install them for you.

Why don’t you give us a call and let’s have a chat about what you need and what you like?

You’ve been listening to Towbar Joe; thanx for listening!

Some of the brands that we supply and fit:


Amarok Bullbar

  • WA Bullbars
  • ECB Bullbars
  • Queensland Bullbars
  • Ironman Bullbars
  • X-Rox Bullbars
  • Fastfit Bullbars
  • TJM Bullbars



Did you know that we now have a window tinting service?

Get your windows tinted while your picking up your  new  ……One Stop Shop 199x300 Which Towbar do I need?


Call us now on (08) 9250 1230which bullbar


Choose Midland Towbars today, your 1-stop vehicle accessory specialists, and get all your accessories!

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