Your Trailer Height

Your Trailer Height

Welcome back again. I’m Towbar Joe, and I have another subject to talk about with towing (your trailer height). Todays subject is going to be getting your caravan or trailer level. Obviously, that can be an issue. There’s quite a few reasons that happens. Different vehicles, so a four wheel drive to a normal car will have different heights. Trailers can be just an ordinary height or a four wheel drive height.

It’s always optimal to get everything level. That saves on tyres. It saves on fuel. So you’ll find that you’ll have improved safe ride and travelling if you get everything level. One of the things I wanted to you to be aware of is we can easily change the tongue on a hitch towbar, and this is where we can make it nice and easy for you. There’s quite a simple way to work it out. Let me show you.

Generally, if your towbar is too high, what I recommend is that you measure from this point here down to the bottom of the coupling. It won’t be millimetre perfect, but it will be so close it will be good enough for towing. If your towbar is too low, then you do it the other way. Measure from the top to the bottom of the coupling.

I want you to tow safely. I want you to get home. So, please work out your ride (your trailer height) and make sure it’s level, and have a safe trip. Thank you for listening, and we’ll see you for the next one!

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