Xrox Bullbar

Which bullbar should I choose?

By Midland Towbars | February 11, 2019

Which bullbar should I choose? We often get asked here at Midland Towbars, which bullbar should I choose? Personally speaking, it’s not up to us or what we sell, it’s dependant on what you actually like; after all, it is your vehicle! So, here at Midland Towbars, we have a huge range of bullbars and […]

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Xrox Bars available at Midland Towbars

By Midland Towbars | September 27, 2016

Xrox Bars available at Midland Towbars, your 1 stop shop for automotive accessories! Xrox® Bars Born from the demands of serious off-road competition, Outback Accessories’ range of Xrox® bars  delivers the results you want – serious good looks, extreme off-roading capabilities, airbag  and ADR compliant and the durability that real steel and Australian design delivers. Xrox® gives you […]

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