Towbar Hitch Pins

Towbar Hitch Pins

Today, I have posted a video about towbar hitch pins. As you will hear, there are various types of towbar hitch pins, including locking hitch pins. Enjoy!


00:04                       Hi, I’m Towbar Joe, and today I want to talk about the hitch pin and clip on your hitch style tow bars. Happened to prepare a sample here for you. Now this is the standard setup, so you’ve got your hitch tow bar with the tongue that slides in and out. And this is your regular hitch pin and clip, which we see on most traditional tow bars. Then your tongue can slide out.

00:31                       Now one of the age old problems with these hitch style tow bars is that they rattle, so there’s always an amount of rattle. In the old tow bars, the old idea was to put a bolt, which was either on the corner or the top or the bottom, depending on the brand of the tow bar. The problems with these is they always rusted in and they snapped, and so the tow bar manufacturers are trying to think of new ways, new ideas to solve that problem.

01:03                       One of the ideas that one of the brands that we sell has is they have made a special key lock hole as you can see, and they’ve got a special bolt, bolt and nut, and as you can see, it’s got the key lock parts. Put it in, and as you do it up nice and tight, it stops that from rattling because the pressure keeps it still. That’s one of the solutions that one of the brands that we sell has.

01:34                       Another one of the solutions that we have on offer is the anti-rattle locking hitch pin. This one here allows it to not stop rattling, and also is lockable. Let me show you how that works. Firstly we take it apart. Now if you think of it as a nut and a bolt rather than your hitch pin and clip, the spring-loaded nut goes in the inside. Line it up with the holes, then you line it up. On one side you tighten it up like a nut and bolt. There is a spacer tube to just help with that space. You tighten that up nice and tight with your spanner and then you lock it with your key. That comes complimentary with some of the brands that we sell.

02:38                       Thank you for taking the time to watch and listen


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