Which Towbar do I need?

Which Towbar do I need?

Many of our customers are confused about what they need. We have put together just a brief on the various types of towbars available to help you get started in learning what you will need for your vehicle. If you need to know any more, please don’t hesitate to contact your #1 towbar team @ Midland Towbars!

Welcome back! Continuing on with my series and telling you all about our products and tow bars. Today, we’re going to talk about the different towbars available; we get a lot of questions from people unsure about what to get, and so just to help you a little bit, because there’s lots of terms that people use, but a lot of these terms are just interchangeable.

So let me start and we’ll just run through each one. So this is a typical, what’s called a standard towbar. They typically just have a flat tongue (attached to the) towbar, which is attached with two bolts. It’s also referred to as a class 2 (or sometimes a “fixed” towbar). Usually for lighter weights or cars with a lower towing capacity. And that’s the tow bar, the type of towbar that we’ll offer you.

Moving along to the often called a class 4 (hitch style towbar). It’s also called a heavy duty tow bar. It is called a Reese hitch, which comes from the brand Hayman Reese. It’s also called a removable towbar. The main reason for that is because the tongue can just slide in and out and it uses a 50mm square hitch to insert into the tow bar. These are generally used for higher towing capacities, up to three and a half ton (3.5T) for many vehicles. Some will vary, so you’ll need to check your vehicle’s towing capacity in your vehicle’s handbook.

Another class of tow bars which you will hear about is the mini hitch and this is a 40mm square tube instead of a 50mm square tube. It’s usually used for vehicles where they can still have that removable tongue, but it doesn’t have quite the towing capacity of what you would use the heavy duty tow bar for.

Some other less common ones (towbar accessories/tongues) which we have available: I just want o put them all together for you so that you’ll see the difference. So there’s your standard 50mm (towbar tongue). There is your 40mm (towbar tongue). So another size that we have available is a 32mm(towbar tongue); not very common but there are a couple of cars (vehicles) that have that (size towbar tongue) available.

which towbar do i need

The other size is the 2 & 1/4 inch (64mm x 64mm hitch style towbar tongue). I can even see that without my glasses. Now that size, we’ve made this adapter where then our plate (towbar tongue) goes in and then you can use our normal (towbar tongue) tow bars (hitch tongues) with it. So that’s another one that’s not very common.

I’ll also put another one up on your screen; the European style tow bar hitch. Those are for vehicles which we can’t get our locally produced tow bars for and you’ll see on your screen a picture of that. They come in three different types as you’ll see on your screen again. I’ll put them up for you (standard European style towbar; hitch style removable European tow bar; vertical hitch removable European style towbar).

Thankyou very much for listening. That’s the whole range of towbars; if you have any more questions, feel free to give us a call, and we’d love to have a chat about what you need. Talk to you soon. Thankyou very much for listening.

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