Weight Distribution September Special Sale

Weight Distribution September Special Sale

hr logoHayman Reese are offering a special deal on their Weight Distribution Hitch Kits for September 2018. Buy any of their Weight Distribution Hitch Kits and receive 15% off the RRP! The Hayman Reese Weight Distribution September Special Sale is on this month only.


We wrote about Weight Distribution Systems a little while ago [read more here]. Now let us introduce you to another brand that we sell. Introducing the Mister Hitches Weight Distribution Systems.

Mister Hitches Weight Distribution Systems are designed to evenly distribute weight over all axles; levelling the ride of the towing vehicle and trailer for increased stability, control and economy. They help reduce trailer sway and excessive tyre wear by returning the natural balance of the towing vehicle. In addition, they restore the towing vehicles braking efficiency, headlight alignment and suspension geometry for a smooth and enjoyable towing experience.

Your everyday low price for the Mister Hitches Weight Distribution Systems:

  • 600lb/275kgs kit = $399.00
  • 800lb/365kgs kit = $455.00
  • our prices include GST.

A Gift Just for you: a 2-way Caravan Level

MHCLB Caravan Level

This handy inexpensive device allows you to read 2 levels at the same time, both front to back and side to side. Ideal for caravans, trailers, motorhomes, pool tables, etc.

Having your caravan level is important. If your caravan or camper is not level, you will find that your shower or sink will not drain correctly, your 3-way fridge will not operate efficiently, and your stuff will roll off tables or benches!


Did you know that we now have a window tinting service? Get your windows tinted while your picking up your  new Weight Distribution Hitch Kits or ……One Stop Shop


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