Handy Tips For Towing

Heading Out for the School Holidays?

The feeling of freedom you get from hitching your rig and hitting the open road is something special. But setting up and towing a caravan can be tricky. Here are some handy tips for towing a caravan:

  • service your tow vehicle
  • check your suspension
  • watch your download (on your towball)
  • check your tyre pressures
  • test your caravan lights
  • don’t overload your caravan
  • double check your connections

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How much can I tow?

Fun Fact: the 2nd most asked question the RAC receive is “how much can I tow?”, and, “is my set up legal?”
While towbars have vehicle specific towing capacity ratings, individual models within a series can have various towing capacities. It’s important to check in your vehicle manufacturers handbook what you can actually tow, before you head off and get told to “unhitch” because you have overloaded your vehicle – that would really spoil your holiday trip for you and your whole family! So, check out our handy tips for towing and have a safe trip.

Free Inspection!

Before you leave, book a time with us for a free inspection of your towbar wiring lights! We can quickly check that it’s all working and make your trip a great family holiday.

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