My Post Covid-19 Team

2020 has been a year in which we have seen the world a changing and I want to introduce my post Covid-19 team to you.


Our Accessory Installation Specialist: Craig (Red)midland towbars


Our Towbar Sales Guru: Belinda



So much has happened this year. It’s been a year in which we have had to make some changes which have been a good thing. Including a change to my post Covid-19 team!

  • We have a new team, ready to provide the best service just for you.

    • Belinda has been working with us for a number of years; she is now our full-time towbar sales guru who will greet you on the phone when you contact us. If you haven’t experienced her great service yet, it will be an awesome one for you I guarantee. Belinda has a great knowledge of our towbars, towbar accessories, brake controllers and much more.
    • Craig has joined us with many years experience in the industry and has a great sense of humour; he is making sure all the work is getting done to our highest standards; and we love his singing (makes for a fun workplace)! Craig is our number one accessory installer. He also has a good knowledge of our new trailer parts business. He should be able to help you find what you need either in our new trailer parts warehouse or we will order it in for you!
  • We have had to remove our “lounges”  this year; so we have filled the space with a great bike rack display – maybe it’s time to get on your bike ;

    • with all the restrictions that were in place, we took the opportunity to fill the space with something we wanted to better display for you, our customers
    • now you can see more of our range of various bike racks from Thule, Mister Hitches and Rola
    • pop in and check out our options to see what best suits your requirements
  • we made room for our new business that we acquired earlier this year – West Coast Trailer Parts & Accessories, so now you can get all you need from the front of your vehicle to the rear of your trailer, float, boat & caravan ;

    • Some may know Harry Roberts; he owned JMR autos and has been in the community for many years; this trailer parts business was a part of his services and he was wanting to retire; we took on the opportunity to expand our business and help him retire – win win for both of us – and now all his stock is in our building (yep, it’s been a tight squeeze); since we acquirwest coast trailer partsed his business, we have tried to learn as much as we can and grow what we have to suit our customers needs; we’re aiming to build up our stock so you can walk in, grab what you need and get back home to finish your project. Click on the pic and check out our website!
  • and now, to try and improve our services to you, we are now open Saturday Mornings (8am – midday ; closed on long weekends).

    • as a trial for our new trailer parts business, we opened on Saturday mornings to see how it would go – seems like our customers love it and it’s here to stay; other than long weekends, we’ll be here to help you with your projects or install your towbars (get in early for installations as Saturdays are very popular).

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