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In this era of ‘stay-cationing’, there are heaps of different trailers to choose from to meet the diverse needs of their users. But with choice comes a responsibility to get the right trailer for your vehicle. Get the wrong one and it can spell disaster.

2 important things to remember when choosing a trailers & towing mechanism

1. Choose a reliable make/model: Most trailers comply with the Australian Design Rules, but because the industry is so competitive, there are a few manufacturers and importers that don’t, so be sure to check this out.

2. Check what your vehicle can tow before buying a trailer. You must know:

  • Your vehicle’s towing capacity
  • Your towbar rating
  • Your towbar’s ball rating
  • The Tare Weight & Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) of the trailer you intend to buy
  • If there’s an option to tow via a turntable or fifth wheel

Why these things are important

Towing a poorly balanced or overloaded trailer will trigger poor handling – one of the biggest causes of trailer accidents.

The best way to ensure you’ve chose then right trailer and towing mechanism for your vehicle is to talk to an expert. And in WA, that’s Towbar Joe and his friendly crew.

We’ll look at capacity, range, weight distribution and sway control to find the most appropriate towbar for your vehicle – keeping you and everyone else on the road safe.

Get a trouble-free towing solution; contact us today

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