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We want you to know that “we are open for business“! Not only are we still open for business, but we also have new products galore!

Recently we teamed up with TAG towbars to bring you their range of towbars and towing accessories. Let me introduce a couple now:

CURT Rebellion XD

The CURT Rebellion™ XD ShockDrop™ Ball Mount 50mm Square Hitch (Class 4) is a leap forward in towing technology. It provides more control, confidence, and a more comfortable ride, all while protecting your towing system from jerking, jarring, rattling, and trailer sway. Unlike other cushioned ball mounts, the CURT Rebellion XD ShockDrop Ball Mount has no airbags or bearings, making the unit virtually maintenance-free. When you’re ready to tow, simply mount it onto your receiver hitch like you would any other ball hitch. The six height adjustment positions ensure level towing of the trailer, and it is perfect for all kinds of pickup trucks and SUVs, including larger and lifted trucks.

✔️ Adjustable, six-position head for precise levelling with different trailers
✔️ Featuring CURT ShockDrop™ technology
✔️ 152mm maximum drop (shank cannot be flipped)
✔️ Available with 50/70mm Tow Ball or Pintle Hook attachments.


CURT Rockerball

The Curt RockerBall™ trailer ball dynamically reduces jerking and jarring while towing. As your trailer passes over bumps and potholes, it produces all kinds of vibrations, jolting, chucking, and noise. With a traditional metal-on-metal connection, these annoyances are directly transferred to your tow vehicle, making your ride noisy, uncomfortable, and taking a toll on your towing system.

✔️ Retrofits onto most existing ball mounts to improve current towing experience
✔️ Anti-swivel base fits 75mm wide ball mount tongues with 7/8″ diameter hole
✔️ Features CURT ShockDrop™ technology
✔️ Standard trailer ball diameter fits 50mm trailer coupling
✔️ Tested for safety to meet AS4177-2/SAE J684 specifications
✔️ Ball mount sold separately (not compatible with Rebellion XD ball mount)
✔️ 3500kg Towing Capacity


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