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New to Midland Towbars: Reversing Camera Kits!

At Midland Towbars we are continually working to look after our customers needs for their vehicles. We are proud to introduce a new product  – Reversing Camera Kits – to our extensive range of products and services available to help you “accessorise your car”! Reversing camera kits include a camera that you attach to the rear of the car and a monitor for dashboard viewing. When the reverse gear is selected the monitor powers up, showing the camera vision.

Check out what the NRMA  Reversing Camera Kitshad to say about Reversing Cameras! Click on the NRMA logo…..


This is what Matthew Steen [Choice] had to say: “If you’re a mum or a dad, you’ve probably convinced your kids you really do have eyes in the back of your head. If only it were true! A reversing camera acts as a set of eyes in the back of your car – helping you avoid parking dings, or worse. We’ve all heard of accidents where the driver hasn’t seen something in their rear view when reversing. Best case scenario, it’s a bag of shopping; nightmare scenario, it’s a pet or a child. A few hundred dollars spent on a reversing camera could save a life.”

We have decided on 2 easy options for our customers: A clip-on rearview mirror monitor camera system and a 3.5″ colour monitor rearview camera system. Both systems provide a clear image for the driver and protects children, pedestrians and assets, preventing injury and avoiding costly repairs for dents and other damage when reversing. You and your passengers will be able to enjoy a safe journey no matter the destination. Email us today for more details regarding the rearview safety systems we have on offer.

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