5 Hilarious Car Accessories

Many of us dream about coming up with an idea that could make us millions. For me, it would (naturally) have to be some kind of car accessory… I’m working on it! But, in the meantime, I thought you might like to hear (or laugh) about some interesting vehicle accessories already out there.

1. Drivemocion car messaging sign

This one could get you into real hot water. If you don’t actually want to engage with a rogue tailgater yourself, all you have to do is press a button to activate a symbol in your back window. From the middle finger to smiley or flirty emoticons – get your point across however you choose!

2. The Car Bra

Yes folks, this really does exist. What does it do? Protect the front end of your car from insect splats and stone chips from the road. Jeez. Next it’ll be tummy tuck pants to protect the underside!

3. The Carstache

For the Magnum PI enthusiast… Can’t afford a classic Ferrari? Do not fret, simply stick a Carstache to the front of your car and you’ll no longer feel that your car is unsophisticated. (You may just feel completely stupid instead.)

5. Car Cojones

My personal favourite. If a truck with all the latest cutting edge (and actually useful!) accessories doesn’t state your masculinity quite enough, you could always strap on a pair of these. In case you’re interested, they come in a selection of colours. Yes, someone actually followed this idea through!

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