A towbar deal you DO NOT want to miss

I’m writing this post to give you all a little heads-up about something pretty cool that’s brewing over here at MT towers.

Midland Towbars is teaming up with our chums, Aussie die-hards WA Bullbars, to offer our customers a really cracking deal on (you guessed it!) towbars and bull bars.

What is the deal?

We’re offering you the chance to get a WAB standard steel bull bar with a heavy-duty towbar package for only $2k.

That’s a saving of up to $145, depending on the kind of vehicle you’re running.

Who can get this deal?

If you drive an Amarok, BT50, PX Ranger, D-Max, RG Colorado, or V200/V240 Great Walls, fill your boots – this deal’s for you.

What you need to know about us

(4 things really…)

  • We’ve got a huge range of towbars to choose from (the biggest in the Swan & Avon Valleys).
  • Here, you’ll get the towbar that’s most appropriate for your specific towing needs (that is, specialist advice).
  • We’ll fit the product properly while you wait (we don’t encourage downtime).
  • Safety first (it’s our mantra).

What you need to know about WA Bullbars

  • All bull bars are designed, tested and certified in Australia (as I said – Aussie die-hards).
  • Products are carefully crafted, easy to fit and made to last.
  • Safety first (we don’t team up with shoddy partners).

Heard enough? This deal ends on June 30th 2014 so give us a call today.

For more info on top-class towbars and bull bars in Perth contact Midland Towbars or WA Bullbars NOW

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