Don’t risk the wrath of the road cops

Did you know that even bull bars come with laws attached? Yep. Enough dopes have put the wrong shape or size on their car or truck, that Vehicle Frontal Protection Systems fitted to vehicles manufactured on or after 1 July 2013, must now meet new standards to comply with the Road Traffic Act.

Why has this bull bar law come into play?

These days, bull bars are fitted to vehicles that do more driving in the city than in the bush. And, although many believe bull bars will protect occupants in the event of a crash, they can also cause more injuries if fitted to vehicles with airbags.

Simple physics means that fitting a bull bar to your vehicle changes the front ‘stiffness’ of it, and this may mess with the signal that goes to the airbag control computer making it inflate too late… not good.

Not only that, but badly fitted bull bars also increase the likelihood of you injuring other road users.

How to make sure your bull bar is compliant

Well, first things first. Are you sure you actually need a bull bar? Nudge bars are better for city driving where the chances of smashing into a big animal are less.

Definitely need a bull bar? Then make sure you get a professional installer on the job. We know the regulations and we know VFPS back to front. So we’ll keep you on the right side of the law (when it comes to bull bars anyway!)

For professionally fitted bull bars in Perth, contact Midland Towbars now
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