Mister Hitches – Hook up with the best weight distribution system

Looking for a weight distribution system to work alongside your existing tow bar? You should consider these great products from Mr Hitches.

The Mr Hitches round bar weight distribution system is designed to perfectly distribute weight evenly over all the axels of your vehicle. The effect is a level ride between the towing vehicle and trailer resulting in more stability, control and a more economic journey. Great news all round!

The Mister Hitches weight distribution systems also help to reduce trailer sway and excessive tyre wear by returning the towing vehicle to its natural balance.

The benefits mean you will get the regular braking efficiency, headlight alignment and suspension you are used to from your vehicle.

The Mister Hitches product come in two separate sizes a medium duty version that suits trailers with a ball weight of between 135kg and 275kg and a heavy duty version that is suitable for trailers with a ball weight of 227kg and 365kg.

Both versions fit most 2” x 2” tow bar receivers rated for use with weight distribution systems, powder coated parts with corrosion resistance, and a 25 year guarantee.

Height adjustable and reversible shanks allows 8 different ball heights, and the ball angle is easily achieved by using adjustment washers.

For more info on the correct weight distribution system for you and details on how our team can assist you please get in touch.

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