Spotlights: Buying a set for your Vehicle?

Choosing a set of Spotlights???

These days we have so many choices on the market it’s hard to try and choose “what I think I need”. At Midland Towbars, we not only want you to be happy with your purchase of your new spotlights, but we want you to be able to choose a set of spot lights that suits your needs and maybe your budget ūüėä

We shared this youtube video with one of our customers who was trying to decide what he needed [he has ordered a pair of Nemesis after watching]!

Read a customer’s story:

“Well I have been reading reviews, posts and opinion on driving lights again and as in the past, confuse myself no end. I originally had ******** 150mm halogens but they were no longer “the best available” so started searching for the ultimate light (4 odd years ago I think). My personality unfortunately always wants the best. But what was the best (for my Prado 06 with ARB bull bar).” For the rest of his story, click here ……Fyrlyt 1

FYRLYT is a world first in driving light design. Every component is available and user serviceable for a lifetime of¬†‘AS¬†NEW’¬†performance.¬†FYRLYT’s designers have engineered in extreme durability not just in theory but after extensive testing that never ceases. Many other brands and resellers see driving lights as a disposable item to be periodically replaced. Think about that? We¬†believe you deserve better.

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