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Safer Towing with Midland Towbars!

By Midland Towbars | February 1, 2020

Safer Towing with Midland Towbars! Welcome back again. Just want to give a couple of tips on Safer Towing. One of the most important things in towing safely is checking your trailer lights. We’re just going to have a quick look at that today. Firstly we start with plugging in our trailer, caravan or float. […]

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Your Trailer Height

By Midland Towbars | May 13, 2019

Your Trailer Height Welcome back again. I’m Towbar Joe, and I have another subject to talk about with towing (your trailer height). Todays subject is going to be getting your caravan or trailer level. Obviously, that can be an issue. There’s quite a few reasons that happens. Different vehicles, so a four wheel drive to […]

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Trailer Parts & Accessories

By Midland Towbars | April 16, 2019

Trailer Parts & Accessories We have been in the business of providing towbars, bullbars, brake controllers and many other vehicle accessories for over 30 years. As your biggest supplier of towbars in Midland, the Swan Valley and Avon Valley, we are now pleased to let our customers know that we are expanding our great range […]

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Tow the line trailers & towing

By Midland Towbars | October 3, 2013

In this era of ‘stay-cationing’, there are heaps of different trailers to choose from to meet the diverse needs of their users. But with choice comes a responsibility to get the right trailer for your vehicle. Get the wrong one and it can spell disaster. 2 important things to remember when choosing a trailers & […]

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